Partnership Program



Printing Partner: 

We are a medium size printing factory and have 6+ years of industry experience. Our daily production capacity is 10,000 pieces. We are currently welcoming any company, organization or interest group to work for them as printing partners.


Machines & Production Capacity:

Category No. of Machines 


Production Capacity

DTG 7 1000 Negotiable 
DTF 3 3000 Negotiable
Digital Printer (Roland) 3 1000 Negotiable
Embroidery  12 1000 Negotiable
VINLY 4 1000 Negotiable
Laser Printer 6 1000 Negotiable
Heat Presser 5 1000 Negotiable
Auto Screen Printer 5 1000 Negotiable
Manual Screen Printer 10 1200 Negotiable


If you are interested to work with us or need more information feel free to email us at: